What the heck is "Do, Date, Dump!", you ask?

The game of all games: just choose 3 people on Xanga that you wanna do, date, and dump. Through us, they'll find out where they've been done, dated, or dumped. Then, have a laugh while you browse our site and view other people's stats. Then, cry yourself to sleep as you come across a pathetic statistics page... and then realize that it's your own.

"Do, Date, Dump!"... the game of all games.
Do me, date me, or dump me...
just gimme some good tunes to listen to!

And remember... it's just a GAME!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the steps in doing, dating, and dumping someone?
    ~Well... usually alcohol helps with the doing. Temporary insanity leads to dating. Oh yeah, and dumping comes about from extreme boredom. Read this FAQ for more answers, and use our contact form to let us know what you'd like to see on the site!

  2. It is required to have a personal Xanga website to participate in "Do, Date, Dump!"?
    ~First of all, it is a necessity of life to have a Xanga site. Second of all, yes... all users must have their own Xanga website to participate. No one else allowed! (for now, hehe)

  3. If I already have Xanga, do I still need to register on "Do, Date, Dump!" to be a part of it?
    ~Yes and no... so, "Noyes"... in short, anyone with a Xanga page is fair game to get targeted... even if they don't know about "Do, Date, Dump!" But in order to EXECUTE the doing, dating, and dumping... yes, you need to register with us.

  4. What's the deal with my statistics... and who can look at them?
    ~Just like Xanga, your stats are normally public... but other people can't see any details so they can't figure out who you've been doing (or dating or dumping). But they can see how many people have commented on your Xanga (which they could see anyway if they took the time to search through all your old Xanga posts, this just makes it easier for you and them). Think of the stats as all of your actions (and actions done to you) in your own personal, "permanent record" section.

  5. Can I only do, date, or dump people of the opposite sex?
    ~Just like in real life, anyone is fair game... ANYONE, muahahahahaha... (at least for our first version, "No Rules")

  6. How many times can I do, date, or dump someone?
    ~For our first version, the only rule is... THERE ARE NO RULES! So do, date, and dump away as many times as you please... yeah! In later versions, though, we COULD make the game more interesting by restricting the number, to like 1... so enjoy it now!

  7. Why do I have to sign in to Xanga before registering?
    ~Because without doing this, someone else could just register with us under your name! And then, that person would be able to do, date, and dump anyone they wanted... as you! So technically, it's for "security purposes"... but really, it's because we care about you. By the way, you only need to do this once when you register with us. After that, you can just sign in under your name and newly-created password.

  8. Can I get "immunity" from being done, dated, or dumped?
    ~Right now, no... but, we're planning on including an option to gain "invincibility" for a certain amount of time. As for Version 1.0 though... enjoy the "no rules" concept before it's gone! Anyways, quit being a pussy and just accept whatever results you're going to get!

  9. What's this "points" system you have?
    ~As of now, the "points" system will not be in full effect until sometime in the near future. Basically, there will be ways for you to accumulate "points"... the more "points" you accumulate, the more capabilities and features you get with us. Simple as that, easy as pie.

  10. Is there a way to remain anonymous but still have the person guessing as to who did, dated, or dumped him/her?
    ~Yes! "Do, Date, Dump!" offers a feature to add in "clues" to help someone realize who the person is. Well... you can say that it either helps the person or makes them go crazy, haha. Anyways, the "clues" option is there so that a person knows that they were done, dated, or dumped by someone they know, rather than some random, creepy stranger.

  11. Why aren't there any rules to this first release?
    ~Because no rules is more fun? Hehe, well... we thought it would be more fun to begin with no rules, and then add certain rules (which will make the game more fun) in later versions. But for now, enjoy the chaos!

  12. Is it required to fill out the short, 3-question survey during registration?
    ~Well, no not really... but, it would be nice? Hehe, so yeah... basically, if you fill out our quick survey, we'll get to know more about our audience, which will ultimately help you all out. So, help us... help you?

  13. What if someone is harassing me by making inappropriate personalized comments that I don't want to have on my Xanga page?
    ~If a "bully" is bothering you in any way... don't fight back! Just come and tell the "teacher" (that's us!) and we'll take care of the situation. Don't forget that you can always delete any comments on your page using Xanga. In extreme situations, you can even block the "DoDateDump" Xanga user, but then you won't get any comments from anyone. Instead, just use our contact form to let us know what happened, and we'll personally block the specific person on our end. We look out for our friends, and you're one of them!

  14. What if the person I'm trying to get has no public posts available to get commented on?
    ~Our site will let you know, and you'll be able to go back and choose someone else.

  15. Who are these Chimpletons?... and can we do, date, and dump them?
    ~"Do, Date, Dump!" is provided by The Chimpletons... 4 chimps that are willing to do anything to make you have fun. You can do them, date them, but please... don't dump them!